Stylized Portrait Events for Photographers

As a portrait photographer I know how important it is to build your client portfolio with stunning images. With that said, I also know just how hard that can be to do. Finding clients with your brand image, the perfect location, and visually attractive wardrobing can be time consuming and mentally exhausting.

Project Portfolio was created by photographers for photographers to take the work out of stylizing photoshoots, finding models, beautiful locations and pulling them all together.

Working with one of the top portrait photographers in the country, Brooke Daniels of Brooke Daniels Photography, we have put together a program in which we arrange stylized photoshoots for photographers to aid in building their Portrait Portfolio's.

How does it work?

Project Portfolio will hold multiple stylized photoshoots at various locations in the Virginia Area throughout the year. Each Photoshoot will have multiple models, based on the needs of the attending photographers, which our participants will then be able to photograph to build their portfolios. Some locations will have extra opportunities such as educational experiences, photographer headshots, and more. Our goal is to help you grow your business as a portrait photographer, and to take the stress out of taking beautiful images. In addition to building your portfolio, you will also have an opportunity to network and learn form other photographers in our business as well.

For more information please use the contact me and follow our social media pages for detailed information on the latest events.

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